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Quality communication begins with great planning, research and intention.


Journalism Marketing is the act of strategizing, creating and distributing a message truthfully in an efficient, relevant and unique way. 


If true growth is going to occur- goals and accountability are required to consistently move in the right direction.


Stories educate, inform and empower audiences.


Story content is essential to grow an idea and share the concept to the masses. A story captures our attention, provides context and helps uncover practical lessons.


You might have noticed that people tend to pay closer attention to stories than during any regular conversation


Journalism Marketing helps leaders interact with their audience by focusing on the productively providing a positive overall creative experience. 


Good routines using the right platforms will always be the best way to establish branding, generate storytelling momentum and keep the messaging relevant in the eyes of the customers/client and audience.


The Journalism Marketing Course

Welcome to Journalism Marketing, a course for leaders who want to become more purposeful in their communication and effective with their messaging. This program is meant to inspire professionals to a higher level of thinking when it comes to communicating with impact and immediately offer a high level solution that can work for anybody willing to embrace their inner storyteller and begin improving the quality of communication on this planet.

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